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To Apply for a Machine

Updated: Jun 24, 2019

We are working with parents and therapists for business startup requirements that most benefits your child. The self esteem from earning their own business and the self image instilled from character references will change the way they see themselves, challenges, and learning opportunities.

The process is a guideline based off of suggestions from parents, teachers, and therapists. Just let us know, we're happy to customize the requirements in ways that best benefit the child.

1) Support

This 2" toy capsule machine works great in waiting rooms.

We want to make sure that the student will succeed. We ask for a recommendation from a therapist or professional including why this student is able to succeed with this program and how they will benefit. Please include a pledge from two supportive adults that will help them with registering their business, their monthly route and learning to keep financial records.

2) Skin in the Game

We require $30 emergency fund in case the machine breaks. This money should be put aside to make sure their business continues to be successful. It also ensures that the child values the opportunity and learns the value persevering. Math papers, chores or positive habits are great ways to earn quarters and dollars. Some Parents may choose to require them to have money to buy business cards or require them to make their own brochures or learn a specific skill before beginning.

3) Business Plan.

Have the child do market research. Pay attention to places the they see machines, have them search for what are the best sellers and think about why a business owner would want a machine in their location, what could go wrong and how to prevent it, etc. Make a wise money plan. What percent are you going to put towards refilling or buying your next machine? How much are you saving for your future? The fun part is coming up with a logo and business name.

This triple head machine is great for restaurants and break rooms. Ask employees what their favorite candy is for a boost in sales!

4) Submit an application.

As funds become available, well be taking new applications. Please submit the items on the list below.

4) Pick Your Machine.

Pick what kind of machine you would like and what you'll be selling. It's best if you have a spot picked out. Just ask them what they would like before you order a machine.

5) It's official!

Once you get the machine, you'll begin learning about gross and net sales, profits, business etiquette and maintaining professional relationships. Stick to your wise money plan. It's what will make you successful in life!

One machine is great for learning the basics of business, but soon you will will want to expand. Make a page on social media as a sales tool. We'll link the top 10 performers on our page each month!

Please Contact us to see if we are taking applicants before you tell your student about the project.

To submit an application please include.

- A recommendation from a professional including why you will succeed with this program and how you will benefit. - Your business plan - 3 letters of character reference - and pledges from 2 adults that are willing to help your student succeed - You are welcome to add any additional requirements you'd like them to meet. - Permission to list your child's business name and city location.