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Discipline Equals Freedom

Updated: Jun 24, 2019

Every other Friday I’ll be picking him up from Top of the world preschool with a car full of candy! This is no self-indulgent spree this is serious business. Story time with mommy was never just The Three Little Pigs. Sam reads to me what he's interested in, and then I read to him what I'm currently reading until he falls asleep. He recognizes names and more importantly concepts taught by Robert Kiysaki, Joanna Zenger, Jordan Peterson, and Dave Ramsey. Sometimes he surprises me by quoting a book or applying a concept I read to him while I thought he was not listening. "Mom, Discipline Equals Freedom" or Dr Peterson's "Don't do anything that makes you feel weak" usually comes out of his mouth at 6 AM when I'm sore and slow to go work out. We had been reading Way of the Warrior Kid when Sam strutted in a zero-dark-thrity with his best Jocko walk. "Mom, I need goals in my life" Raising my eyebrows in hopes it would motivate the eyelids to follow suit I replied "You do." "I want to be able to do 10 push-ups, know my times tables, and have my own business.” "Those are good goals" "Before kindergarten, Mom" Then I gave him one of the best gifts I have ever given him. We called it his "hour of independence" From 6:30-7:30 Sam had an hour by himself. It was his favorite hour of the day. I didn't help him reach anything, or find anything or tie his shoes. It was all him. Meanwhile (no matter how cold it was outside) I went out and walked/ran laps. He made sure I stayed on my training schedule. Just like Admiral McRaven said, he'd start by making his bed. Then he'd tidy his room, get dressed and brush his teeth and hair. He made his own breakfast and began on his math papers (worth a quarter a page). As a reward if he finished all of this and earned his quota from math, I'd LET him run 2 laps and time him so he could see how fast he was getting. Children are AMAZING! They take everything you say to heart. Sigh... Proud mom! Coins and bills added up and people saw his ambition and started hiring him for more work. Taking care of a friends horse has increased his net worth by $5 in one day! Sam is quick to detect an excuse and shut it down. " Mom! 'Don't feel like it' can become your boss, or you can be it's boss! You are robbing from yourself when you make excuses. Robbers go to jail. Discipline Equals Freedom."

Thank you Jocko for inspiring one tough kid and for keeping your YouTube clips clean"

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