You don't have to do a good job as long as you have a good excuse.

No one says it - at least not with their mouth- but you know someone who lives it.  There are some people who can come up with an excuse for anything. They shift blame, get out of responsibilities and find ways to make others carry their load. Many people are handed everything they need in life to be successful, but sift though their circumstances looking for an out. We say that those people are aiming down.

There are also others who live life by accident, just responding to whatever is next and usually shocked by the outcome, good or bad. We call those drifters. Drifters are not "aiming" down intentionally, but they surely aren't making a conscious effort to climb any mountains. The nature of drifting is typically subject to gravity and wind. We generally expect drifting leaves to end up on the ground in a pile or clog our downspouts. A lucky leaf here or there might even land temporarily on the roof instead of the ground  but it is rare and newsworthy to find  that  lackadaisical person who effortlessly stumbled upon success. Although the world loves those stories we know a successful drifter is the exception not the rule.

There are also people who have perfectly solid reasons to achieve less. The cards are stacked against them but they find an excuse to succeed. There are athletes who finish the race with a broken leg, entrepreneurs with stories like The Pursuit of Happiness and students who get their law degree in braille. We honor our soldiers and first responders who run into place lesser men and women flee.

Those are the people who inspire us and give us permission to be great. Those are the people we hope are children become. The world looks to those people for inspiration. The brave seek to follow in their footsteps.  Those people are aiming up. 

Everyone claims they WANT to hit a bulls-eye. 
People desire all kids of things - if it's free.

Ambition is different than desire.
Ambition is what people are willing to earn. 

We may not always hit what we're aiming for,
but aiming definitely improves our chances. 

This website is about people that inspire us and our
experience as we aim up in our corner of the world. 

Thank you for your service.