"I can attest that Sam has an impeccable sense

of responsibility, duty and obligation.

He is very driven in all tasks he undertakes.

He is also a very respectful and loving child."

- The owner of Sam's preschool

Sam Luhn ("Loon") the Texas Candy Tycoon

Photos by a friend who shot for the Dallas Business Journal

Sammy likes legos, hot wheels, anything fast, military
and big dogs.

Ask me to put my machines

in your store:

  • Our machines display a gold plaque that reads "This location supports young entrepreneurs and job training for children with disabilities. 

  • Your customers enjoy my

        candy and fun toys

  • You help me build my college education fund


  • Those struggling with disabilities       get hope and a future


Call me today 

(Mom will answer!)  

Thank You! 

Like my friends, I like dinosaurs and candy. I thought of lots of people gobbling up my candy like hungry dinosaurs. That's why I called it The Chomp Stop.

Where did I get my business idea?

Well, my mom reads a lot of business books to me.  One day while listening to Jocko Willink I decided I wanted a business too.

Discipline Equals Freedom.

I earned money doing math papers for quarters, washing cars and feeding horses. until I had enough to buy a candy machine.

It took a while to decide, but I knew I'd be successful selling candy because I know what kids like.    I'm an excellent salesman.


When I got my own business and I wanted to help my cousin James and other kids with Autism get their own businesses too. 




Newspapers tell my story because I like to help people and my mom drives me everywhere.

I went door-to-door last year asking strangers for shoes to give to the poor in Uganda and the neswpaper wrote about it.

When I was just starting out everyone helped me. The Chamber of commerce invited me to meet other businesses and helped me practice my business etiquette. My banker set up a checking account, and helped me set up a college savings too. 

Today I have three vending machines, and I am saving for another. The more I make the more families I can help!

Thank you for your help,

Sammy Luhn


   My Goals

  • LEARN about business

  • HELP children with autism learn real life job skills

  • SAVE for college
                      Thank   You

Special Thanks

These businesses have helped me to be successful!

Chomp Stop Locations

These businesses have helped by having a Chomp Stop Machine. Please shop at these stores and buy some candy from my machine while you're there!